What is a magazine rebuild kit?

What is a magazine rebuild kit?

Posted by Magged Supply LLC on May 24th 2021

A magazine rebuild kit is a brand-new magazine that has been fully disassembled into its most basic parts: the body, spring, follower, locking plate, and floor plate. These parts are then professionally repackaged into magazine rebuild kits, also known as magazine repair kits. These kits are completely non-functional and cannot be used in a firearm.

There are many reasons to purchase a magazine rebuild kit instead of a fully functional complete magazine. The first of which being, the ability to repair your old and broken magazines. Many law-abiding citizens have old magazines that have been broken or degraded from regular use. Common points of failure include cracked feed lips, cracked/ bent bodies, or worn-out springs that no longer reliably feed rounds. Magazine rebuild kits can be used to replace these broken pieces in old magazines.

Another reason for purchasing magazine rebuild kits is that the purchaser lives in a state that has passed laws that limit the capacity of magazines to 10, 15, 20, etc. rounds. According to a study published by the American Journal of Public Health, “9 states and the District of Columbia restrict the possession of LCMs*. The bans vary along many dimensions, including maximum bullet capacity of permissible magazines, grandfathering of existing LCMs”. Purchasers in these states may need to repair their standard capacity magazines that have been legally grandfathered in, necessitating the ability to purchase the parts found within a rebuild kit.

Those who purchase magazine rebuild kits, or magazine repair kits, may also choose to leave them fully disassembled while in their ban state. They may re-assemble them when re-located to states without such bans. Such use cases arise when taking training classes in other states, visiting friends and family, or simply crossing the border to their favorite shooting area. This can also apply to Law Enforcement Officers and members of the United States Armed Forces. Many times, these individuals are exempt from magazine capacity bans, yet are unable to purchase complete magazines when living in a ban state. Magazine rebuild kits are able to be sent to them while within their state, and used by these individuals for duty or training in compliance with their local and state laws.

Our local, state, and federal laws are constantly changing. Take an interest in them and be aware when they change. We hope that you choose to make your voice heard by speaking to your representatives. Magged Supply LLC does not encourage anyone to purchase magazine rebuild kits to skirt or avoid their local and state laws. We encourage you to remain in compliance and understand all of your local and state laws before purchasing from our website.


*LCM is an abbreviation used for large capacity magazine in the study. We propose that “LCMs” are usually standard capacities for the firearms they are used with.