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Repair your gun magazines with high-quality kits from Magged Supply. Whether you’re rebuilding a magazine for an AR-15 or for your AK 47/74, we offer a variety of products for customers to shop from. Each kit arrives completely disassembled and is not functional in use with a firearm. There are several reasons to purchase a rebuild kit, one being to repair your old, legally owned magazine. Many customers also travel to non-ban states where they legally assemble their kit for use.

Magazine rebuild kits are not to be purchased to bypass local and state laws - please know and obey all laws applicable to you and your location.

Magazine rebuild kits are not for sale in all states. Contact us now to confirm if we can ship to your location.

Featured Products

We’ve taken the time to build an extensive variety of gun magazines and rebuild kits for you to shop from. Need to repair a handgun magazine? We have kits for that. Working on a rifle magazine? There are kits for those, too. Check out this collection of our most popular kits.

What is a Magazine Rebuild Kit?

Not quite sure what gun magazine rebuild kits are? We’ve got you covered! These kits contain all of the parts necessary to replace the broken pieces of a legally-owned magazine. The gun magazine parts can include the body, spring, follower, floor plate, and locking plate depending on the make/model.

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AR-15 Magazine Rebuild Kits

For one of our most popular lines of gun magazine repair kits, we offer the best brands for AR-15 magazine rebuild kits like Magpul, Lancer Systems, OKAY industries, and more. You can buy these individually or in bulk. Shop now!

Glock Magazine Rebuild Kits

Small and compact, Glock firearms are a favorite for many customers and we offer repair kits with all the gun magazine parts you need to repair your old, legally owned magazine. It’s important to have magazines you can count on for your pistols and Magged Supply will provide you with all the components you need to keep yours in top condition. Plus, with our exceptional “how-to” videos, anyone can learn how to fix their legally-owned Glock gun magazines regardless of experience level.

How Does It Work?

You don’t have to be an expert or have years of experience to fix your magazines. Get started by watching our detailed instructional videos to teach you how to properly repair or assemble magazine rebuild kits for your firearm. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and if you need more assistance or have any questions, our expert team is on standby to assist.

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Here’s what Our Customers Are Saying

See what customers have to say about the gun magazine repair kits from Magged Supply! We work with a variety of customers across the nation, and we’re always searching to bring you the best gun magazine parts and kits you need. Read to learn more and shop Magged Supply today!

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