Bulk Pricing

Rebuild Kits in Bulk

Our high-quality magazine rebuild kits are available in bulk pricing and offer an economical approach to premium products. These state-of-the-art products are shipped in a non-functional state and cannot be used in a firearm. They can be reassembled for use when/where it is legal, or used to replace non-functional parts in old or broken-down legal magazines. Buying in bulk saves money in future shipping costs and saves time in the shipping process.

Bulk Gun Magazine Parts Kits

A rebuild kit comes with all of the original components of a magazine. Rebuild kits are fully disassembled and contain the parts needed to repair your old, legal magazines that have broken.

Basic Parts With Bulk Magazine Rebuild Kits

When your magazine rebuild kit arrives, it will be completely disassembled and not in a functional form. The parts include:

  • Body
  • Spring
  • Follower
  • Locking Plate
  • Floor Plate

Added Bonus of Bulk Pricing

When you buy in bulk, you reduce the cost you pay per unit, and your savings increase because you are making fewer purchases over time. When purchasing gun magazine repair kits in bulk, you will also save time due to fewer shipments.

Shipping Benefits

With our flat-rate shipping, you will receive your order within 1-3 days from when your

magazine parts kit is shipped.* You will also receive a confirmation email and tracking number upon fulfillment of your order.

Don’t delay on great savings on premium products. Contact us at Magged Supply and start shopping today!

*To verify we can ship to your location, you can contact us directly.