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Magged Supply makes it easy for you to find magazines to keep you locked and loaded wherever and whenever you need fire power. Not to be confused with gun clips, our collection of gun magazines for sale includes a wide variety to shop from like Glock, Magpul, Ruger, and more. All of our magazine rebuild kits come fully equipped with all the parts you need to safely rebuild your firearm’s magazine. Plus, our team of experts is available to provide you with guidance on purchasing and assembly.

Gun Clips vs. Magazines

What’s the difference between a clip and a magazine? Simply put, a clip is used to load a magazine, and a magazine is a holding area for ammunition before it reaches the gun’s firing chamber.

Are clips better than magazines? Clips can drastically improve your loading speed, but they’re not incredibly common on modern firearms. Magazines are already loaded before they’re attached to a firearm, so unless you want to load rounds individually, our gun magazines for sale will be a better bet.

Do you use a clip or magazine for a pistol? This is a simple one. Clips are almost never used on this type of firearm, so always use a pistol magazine.

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Keep your firearm in good condition with our collection magazine rebuild kits. Whether you’re looking for gun clips or magazines, the Magged Supply team is here to guide you along the way and provide you with knowledge to make the right decision for your shooting needs, just reach out.

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